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CPD: Grinch strikes; brazen Xmas greens theft on Broadway

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Somewhere in Duneland a Grinch walks among us.

At 11:33 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 26, an unknown woman stole a box and two bags of Christmas greens belonging to the Town of Chesterton and being placed in planters throughout the Downtown by volunteers.

The scene of the crime: the curb on the south side of Broadway, just east of Third Street, where--at 11:30 a.m., just three minutes before they were boosted--a volunteer had staged the greens in preparation for distributing them.

The swag: a box containing 30 winterberry branches valued at $120; a bag of 96 birch branches valued at $141; and a bag of 12 snowflake branches valued at $53.

The crime, as caught on multiple video surveillance cameras: the suspect, eastbound on Broadway in a gray or green Ford Escape with a hatchback, stops in the middle of the road; exits the vehicle and walks to the west; then returns to her Ford Escape to place a box and two other objects into the back of the vehicle.

The suspect: a white female in her fifties or sixties with short hair, wearing a long-sleeve shirt blue at the top and white at the bottom and blue jeans with a pattern on the back pockets.

A volunteer discovered the theft at 1 p.m.

The investigating Chesterton Police officer did hazard, in his report, the possibility that the suspect believed the greens were refuse, inasmuch as the volunteer had left them approximately six feet from a garbage can.

The theft has been referred to the CPD’s Investigations Division.

To mark this sad day in municipal seasonal streetscaping, Chesterton Special Projects Coordinator Jennifer Gadzala and Assistant to the Town Manager Rebecca Parker penned the following lament, provided exclusively to the Chesterton Tribune:

Something is amiss, something is not right,

Some woman took our stuff, right out of plain sight.

The winterberries were red and the snowflakes were silver,

And the sticks dawned with birch wood were somehow even bigger.

Unfortunate to say for this time of year,

The Grinch has struck and stolen our Christmas cheer.

But with hope in our hearts and wanting peace to end the year,

We hope we can catch that woman who had no fear.



Posted 12/2/2019




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