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CPD: Goshen man's ID and Social Security being used by local company's employee

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A Goshen, Ind., man’s identity and Social Security number have been used--or are still being used--by someone collecting a paycheck under his name, at a local business, Chesterton Police said.

According to police, on Wednesday the man and his niece reported that, in 2015, the Internal Revenue Service notified him that he owes back taxes on more than $31,000 of income which he failed to report, while working for a title company in town. In fact, the man is retired, living on a fixed Social Security income, and has never been an employee of the company in question.

The niece advised police that “she has been in contact with the IRS multiple times, written many requested letters on (her uncle’s) behalf, and even made a police report to the Goshen Police Department, the jurisdiction in which they live, in late September of 2017. Meanwhile, they have been receiving repeated letters from the IRS warning of action that will be taken against (her uncle) if he does not pay back taxes and penalties on the unreported income.”

“The amount has increased since 2015 so (the niece) believes the person may still be using his information fraudulently,” police added.

The niece also advised that, approximately one year ago, she called the title company and was informed that it did in fact have an employee with the same name as her uncle. “She attempted to gain further information on the subject but the company refused to answer any more of her questions,” police said.

The niece and her uncle accordingly made a report with the CPD because the company is located here and because “they have received seemingly no relief or progress with the case from other agencies that they have alerted,” police said.

The report was forwarded to the Investigations Division.




Posted 8/10/2018




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