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CPD: Four charged with passing phony 100 bills at Indian Boundary businesses

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Four Chicago residents were arrested Monday on charges of forgery and theft after Chesterton Police said that they passed counterfeit $100 bills at numerous businesses along the Indian Boundary Road corridor.

Charged with felony forgery and misdemeanor theft were Terrance Perkins, 25; Lemetrius C. Gross, 23; Christopher L. Jones, 23; and Rashaun D. McAtee, 24. All were transported to Porter County Jail.

Police said that the four succeeding in passing a phony $100 bill at the following businesses: Dollar Tree, Dunkin Donuts, Walgreen’s, Lemon Tree Mediterranean Grill, and Gelsosomo’s.

According to police, the investigation began at 5:43 p.m., when a Dollar Tree employee reported that a man with blond dread locks and a black hoodie attempted to pay for an item with a $100 bill. That bill wasn’t accepted, the employee advised, at which time the suspect left and was seen walking in the direction of Gelsosomo’s, police said.

A male subject matching the description provided by the Dollar Tree employee was subsequently located by an officer in the parking lot of Kentucky Fried Chicken, after being observed walking across Indian Boundary Road from Lemon Tree. That man, identified as Jones, had just bought a sandwich at Lemon Tree but denied knowing anything about counterfeit bills, police said. When asked to produce the bills in his wallet, Jones did so. Those bills included two phony $100s and four genuine $20s, one $10, and four $1s, police said. Also found in Jones’ pocket was a Lemon Tree receipt showing the purchase of $6 item and total change of $94, police said.

Perkins, Gross, and McAtee, meanwhile, were located in a vehicle parked in the KFC lot, police said. Inside the vehicle were multiple Dunkin Donuts cups, a bag containing food from Gelsosomo’s, and receipts from other businesses, police said.

Police said that the officers were able to confirm that the four did in fact pass counterfeit bills at Dunkin Donuts, Walgreen’s, Lemon Tree, Gelsosomo’s, as well as at Dollar Tree, where one employee refused to accept a phony $100 from Jones but another employee did accept one from McAtee.

The counterfeit money had no strip in the bill and “didn’t feel like genuine currency” and in addition all of the bills had the same serial number, police said.



Posted 9/26/2018





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