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CPD: Driver tries to run down man

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Chesterton Police would like to speak to the driver who apparently tried to run down a man early this morning on South 15th Street.

According to police, at 3:31 a.m. a Merrillville man and his female companion were at Flannery’s when they became involved in a disagreement with six other men “about some personal property.”

The six men were kicked out of the bar and the Merrillville man and his friend left shortly afterward. On their way to their vehicle, however, they observed the six walking in the direction of a silver passenger vehicle, possibly a Pontiac, being driven by an unknown black male, police said. That silver car then followed them as they made their way west on West Indiana Ave. to residence of the Merrillville man’s companion.

“During their trip to 15th Street, they observed the silver passenger car speeding up to their vehicle while honking and driving aggressively,” police said.

Then, on stopping at the woman’s home, the pair saw the silver car pull up “down the street” and sit “in the middle of the roadway.” Without a cell phone to call 911, the two remained in their own car for a few minutes, then decided to make a run for it to the woman’s residence. The Merrillville man exited the vehicle, at which point the silver car “sped towards him at a high rate of speed and veered towards him,” police said.

The man lunged out of the silver car’s way but in doing so left the driver’s side door open and the silver car struck it. “The door peeled back toward the front quarter panel before springing back closed, pinning (the Merrillville man) between the door and the frame momentarily,” police said. “The silver car then made a U-turn in the roadway and drove through the front yard, between the car and the house, before fleeing south on 15th Street and turning west onto West Porter Ave.”

The Merrillville man complained of pain to his side and was transported to Porter Regional Hospital with an unknown injury, police said.



Posted 12/19/2012