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CPD: Dog left in car while woman eats at restaurant

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A Pine Township resident who left a dog in her vehicle for nearly two hours on Tuesday while she was enjoying a restaurant meal is facing a possible charge of neglect, Chesterton Police said.

According to police, at 6:26 p.m. an officer was dispatched to a vehicle parked in the lot of LA Tan at 757 Indian Boundary Road after a witness reported seeing a dog unattended in it. The investigating officer located the vehicle, observed the dog--“panting very heavily”--and noted that the driver’s and passenger’s side windows were rolled down several inches, police said. But the officer did not see any dish with water.

At the time the officer checked the temperature: 97 degrees.

The officer subsequently succeeded in locating the dog’s owner at El Salto’s, where she had met a friend and cousin for a meal. When asked how long she had left her dog in the car, she estimated “for only maybe 30 minutes tops,” although a receipt provided by the restaurant showed that she had actually placed her food order at 5:07 p.m., fully 90 minutes before the witness initially reported seeing the dog, police said.

The officer then informed her that “leaving a canine inside a vehicle in 97-degree weather without food or water is considered neglect and endangering to her canine,” to which she replied that she didn’t have a choice in bringing the dog, because it “was acting up at the hotel,” police said.

She also acknowledged her failure to leave water for the dog but added “I wasn’t planning on leaving the dog in the car for such a long time,” police said.

The CPD forwarded the report to Porter County Animal Control for further investigation.


Posted 7/19/2013