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CPD: Dog attacks runner in Morningside

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A Chesterton resident was issued a citation on Monday after her dog slipped its collar, left her yard, and attacked a woman jogging, Chesterton Police said.

According to police, at 6:50 p.m. a 19-year-old Porter woman was running in the 800 block of Coffee Creek Drive when she “heard a dog barking at her rather closely.” The woman turned to see “a medium to large dog” running at her and “aggressively barking.” The dog then bit her hand and wrist, knocked her to the ground, and subsequently bit her “multiple times” in the abdomen and back, police said.

The investigating officer observed puncture marks on the woman’s back, some of them an inch and half deep, and noted that her skin “was very inflamed” with “multiple puncture wounds with blood,” police said. The woman was also “complaining of immense pain from her right wrist where the dog had bitten her,” police said.

The woman was transported to the Franciscan Alliance ER department on Indian Boundary Road.

Officers later identified the owner of the dog as Monica Guzman, a resident of the 800 block of Burr Oak Drive, who advised police that her 75-pound Cane Corso either slipped out of or broke her collar “in the non-fenced in area of their backyard.”

Guzman was “fined with a local ordinance for having her animal running at large” and was informed that Porter County Animal Control will be contacting her about the incident and instructing her to quarantine the dog for 10 days.


Posted 5/11/2018




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