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CPD: Counterfeit $20 bill used to buy lottery tickets

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Chesterton Police are investigating the report of someone using a fake $20 bill to purchase lottery tickets from the Amstar gas station at 860 Broadway on Tuesday.

According to police, at 1:16 p.m. an employee advised that a female customer used the $20 to purchase scratch-off lottery tickets a little before 8 a.m. and then came back with another $20 bill to purchase $10 off scratch-off tickets and received $10 in change before exiting the store.

The employee advised during the first purchase he was distracted with other customers and paperwork and did not pay close attention to the $20 bill before putting it in the drawer but noticed the suspect nature of the bill during the second transaction, police said.

Police said the employee caught up to the suspect who was in her car and informed her the bill was counterfeit. He advised the suspect “did not appear surprised,” handed him back scratch-off tickets and the $10 in change and left the lot, police said.

The employee said that the suspect frequents the station and believes she lives in town, police said. He said the suspect drove a white four-door Sedan with dark-tinted windows, police said.

Police said the suspect and her vehicle were captured on the station’s security cameras and the counterfeit bill was placed into evidence.

The CPD believes that at least some of the counterfeit bills may have been manufactured for the film industry, to be used as props in movies. Businesses are being urged to check the bills they receive carefully.


Posted 9/14/2017




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