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CPD: CHS student in unprovoked attack on special needs student

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An 18-year-old Chesterton High School student was arrested on Friday, Nov. 18, on a charge of battery, after Chesterton Police said that he and a juvenile companion ambushed a special-needs student in the hallway.

Taken into custody was Isiah Ivery Hilley of 918 Beechwood Drive in Jackson Township.

According to police, the attack--which was caught on surveillance camera--occurred at 12:56 p.m., as the special-needs student was walking down the hallway.

Hilley and his juvenile companion “can be seen on camera both lowering their shoulders, then rushing into” the special-needs student’s “mid-section,” police said. “So forceful” was the impact--and so “unprepared” was the special-needs student for the blow--that it nearly “flip(ped)” him “completely over backward,” police said.

On tape the special-needs student “lands on his back while his belongings scatter around him,” police said. “(He) can then be seen picking up his property while Isiah I. Hilley and his (juvenile companion) run down the hallway smiling. It is very clear that this is an unprovoked attack on (the special-needs student).”

The special-needs student--who complained of pain and a rug burn on his arm--later advised police that “he thought the students were just running down the hall when they made contact with him.”

Hilley was transported to Porter County Jail, police said. The report had no further information on the disposition of Hilley’s juvenile companion.



Posted 11/22/2016




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