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CPD: Charged with neglect and theft

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A Porter resident was arrested Friday on charges of neglect of a dependent, two counts; and theft, Chesterton Police said.

According to police, at 1:11 a.m. a resident of the 200 block of West Indiana Ave. reported that an unknown person wearing black pants and a white hooded sweatshirt had just activated her doorbell camera alarm, then left on foot in an unknown direction.

A woman matching the subject’s description, identified as Rachel Ann Perry, 35, of 700 N. Waverly Road, No. 1402, was subsequently located at the intersection of West Indiana and Third Street, police said. Perry advised police that she was “just walking around and playing Pokemon-GO” and, when informed of the complaint, “immediately became defensive and denied being near anyone’s house or on anyone’s porch.”

But Perry was found to carrying, partially protruding from her sweatshirt’s pocket, a “metal object with a butterfly design” which the complainant later identified as being a hanging ornament missing from her front porch, police said. The investigating officer also reviewed surveillance footage of Perry removing that ornament and another one from the porch, police said.

Meanwhile, in the course of the investigation, Perry advised police that she’d left two children in her care in a vehicle parked in the 100 block of Broadway. Officers found that vehicle to be running, its lights on, the passenger’s side front window “completely open,” and the vehicle itself unlocked, police said. Inside were two children, asleep, one of them “visibly cold and shaking due to the cool temperatures outside,” police said. Those children were turned over to their father.

Perry was transported to Porter County Jail and Child Protective Services notified of the incident, police said.


Posted 10/2/2017




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