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CPD: Boy hurt in drug related home invasion of wrong residence

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A juvenile boy was assaulted during a drug-related home invasion last week, by subjects who forcibly entered his residence on Woodlawn Ave. in the mistaken belief it belonged to a marijuana dealer, Chesterton Police said.

Several suspects were being detained this morning and charges are pending, Police Chief Dave Cincoski told the Chesterton Tribune today.

The incident occurred late Thursday night into early Friday morning, Cincoski said, after a “known subject”--“disgruntled” over a previous marijuana purchase--enlisted the assistance of four other men to visit the dealer and “make things right.”

They went, however, to the wrong residence on Woodlawn Ave., Cincoski said, and when an occupant answered their knock they entered the home. Two of them, armed with handguns, then escorted the boy’s parents to rooms upstairs, confining them there at gunpoint, Cincoski said. In the meantime, two others punched the boy while questioning him about the marijuana purchase, Cincoski said. A fifth man remained with their vehicle.

The suspects then fled the scene and on returning downstairs the boy’s parents found that their son had sustained injuries for which he was subsequently treated medically, Cincoski said.

Cincoski emphasized that the boy had no idea what the suspects wanted and is not involved in drug dealing or use.

Investigators have identified the suspects and detained several of them and charges against them are pending, Cincoski said.



Posted 1/29/2018




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