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Coroner says Dr James McGrogan died in accidental fall

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Dr. James McGrogan died of injuries sustained in a fall.

McGrogan’s body was found on Thursday, April 3, in an ice fall below Booth Falls in the Colorado Rocky Mountains north of Vail, about four and a half miles from the Eiseman Hut trail, on which McGrogan was hiking with friends on March 14 when he disappeared.

Jessie Mosher, a spokesperson for the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, told the Chesterton Tribune today that Coroner Kara Bettis has ruled McGrogan’s death an accident and determined that he died as a result of a fall from a cliff.

McGrogan, a Chesterton native and a 1993 graduate of Chesterton High School, was an emergency medicine physician with the St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Mishawaka.

Around 8:30 a.m. Friday, March 14, McGrogan and three friends began the approximately seven-mile hike to the Eiseman Hut, a cabin facility. At 10 a.m. McGrogan’s friends decided to take a break along the trail but McGrogan pressed ahead. At 5 p.m. the three arrived at the Eiseman hut but there was no sign of McGrogan.

A five-day search-and-rescue operation was launched, more than 100 trained personnel and two helicopters participated, but foul weather on Tuesday, March 18, prompted authorities to end the operation.



Posted 4/8/2013






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