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Coroner: Nicole Gland, 24, died of multiple stab wounds

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The victim of the homicide committed sometime early Wednesday morning behind the offices of the Chesterton Tribune has been identified and the cause of her death determined.

Chesterton Police Chief Dave Cincoski released the victimís name late on Wednesday: Nicole Gland, 24, of Portage, who worked as a bartender at the Upper Deck, located three doors to the north of the Tribune building.

The cause of Glandís death, according to Porter County Coroner Chuck Harris, following a forensic autopsy conducted early this morning: exsanguination as a result of multiple stab wounds to the torso, head, and neck.

Gland sustained 24 separate stab wounds, including defensive wounds to both hands and forearms, Harris said. ďItís one of the worst stabbings Iíve ever seen.Ē

The results of x-rays and a routine toxicology screen are pending.

Meanwhile, Cincoski told the Tribune that heís hopeful of a quick resolution to the investigation. ďWe have identified a number of persons of interest,Ē he said.

Gland was found at approximately 9:10 a.m. Wednesday by a Tribune employee arriving at work. She was slumped over in the front seat of her silver Ford SUV, which had either come to rest against or collided with a dumpster and an old sofa located behind the Tribune building on Lois Lane.

The driverís side window of the vehicle was partially rolled down, but Cincoski declined to say whether Glandís keys were in the SUVís ignition and whether the vehicle had been left in Park, Neutral, or Drive.

He did say that no purse or identification was found in the vehicle.

Gland was on duty at the Upper Deck in the hours before her death and closed the tavern, Cincoski said. Sheís believed to have exited the building by the rear door around 3 a.m. and the last person known to have seen her alive was an unidentified patron.

Cincoski would not say at this point whether investigators believe the attack began or occurred in Glandís vehicle or at a different location on or near Lois Lane.

Lois Lane is essentially the parking lot serving the South Calumet Road business block and is located immediately west of Coffee Creek Park.

Cincoski emphasized that he has no reason to believe the public is at risk and expressed his belief that the person responsible for Glandís murder will be soon apprehended and charged.

Multiple persons of interest have been interviewed, Cincoski added, but he declined to say what their relationship to Gland might have been.

He did, however, urge anyone who may have seen or heard anything unusual late Tuesday night or early Wednesday evening--on Lois Lane, in Coffee Creek Park, or at any of the South Calumet Road businesses which might have been open at the time--to call the CPD at 926-1136.

The CPD conducted a consensual search of Glandís residence on Wednesday, Cincoski noted. What evidence was collected, if any, he would not say. Collected at the scene and taken into custody for processing were Glandís SUV, two dumpsters, and a 95-gallon roll-away trash bin.

This morning investigators with the Northwest Indiana Major Crimes Task Force and the Indiana State Police--accompanied by a K-9 unit--were walking the scene and re-interviewing Tribune employees.



Posted 4/20/2017




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