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Convicted sex offender again charged with possession of child pornography

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A Valparaiso man convicted in 2010 of possession of child pornography has been arrested again on the same charge, Valparaiso Police said.

Dean Arthur Lessentine, 59, of 465 College St., Apt. 9, was taken into custody on Friday, after a subject reported seeing “a young naked girl” on Lessentine’s computer, police said.

Investigators subsequently executed a search warrant at Lessentine’s apartment and seized his laptop computer and cell phone.

In an interview, Lessentine admitted visiting inappropriate websites and downloading images of children to his cell phone and then to his laptop, police said.

He further stated that he searched the Internet using wi-fi locations in Downtown Valparaiso.

Lessentine was charged with two counts of possession of child pornography and transported to Porter County Jail.

Lessentine was arrested on the same charge in March 2010, following an investigation which began in July 2009 after he was observed viewing “questionable content” on a Porter-Starke Services computer while participating in a day-service program there.

The VPD attempted to make contact with Lessentine on Oct. 12, 2009, but learned that he had been evicted from his last known address. Then, on Oct. 13, 2009, Lessentine was located at the Kouts Public Library, where police said that he was using a computer to view “a website that showed images of young females in Halloween outfits and gymnastic clothing.”

Lessentine gave the VPD permission to search his residence, where images of child pornography were found, police said.

Lessentine was convicted of possession of child pornography in August 2010 and sentenced to two and a half years, the whole of it suspended except for time served.

Lessentine was required to register as a convicted sex offender.



Posted 8/28/2012