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Confinement, strangulation and battery charges at Hilton

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A Jackson Township resident was arrested at the Hilton Garden Inn on Tuesday on charges of criminal confinement, intimidation, strangulation, battery, and interfering with the reporting of a crime, Chesterton Police said.

According to police, at 4:51 a.m. officers were dispatched to the Hilton at 501 Gateway Blvd. in response to a disturbance in a guest room, after another guest reported that “the couple in Room 215 sounded like they were killing each other.”

On their arrival, officers knocked repeatedly at the door but were met with no response. They then used a pass key to open the door and discovered a man identified as David Theodore Olszewski, 22, of 797 Old Suman Road, and a woman hiding under the bed, police said.

The woman--who police said had a cut on her lip and on her chin--gave officers this account. She and Olszewski checked into the Hilton on Monday evening and that around 8 p.m. she sent a Snap Chat message to around 20 people, one of them her ex-boyfriend. At that point Olszewski “became upset,” they started to argue, and Olszewski grabbed the woman’s face in both hands, covering her nose and mouth, until she was unable to breathe and “started to pass out,” the woman advised.

The woman was able to extricate herself and run into the hallway but Olszewski “used his charm to sweet-talk her and when he got close to her he grabbed her right arm and pulled her back into the room,” she advised.

The woman then threatened to call 911, prompting Olszewski to throw her cell phone against the wall, “causing the battery pack to fall out and break the screen,” she advised.

Sometime early Tuesday morning Olszewski “shoved her into the wall” and threatened to kill her, the woman advised. “This statement made (her) fear for her life,” police said.

Then, when the officers arrived at the scene, Olszewski “grabbed her by the right arm and pulled her under the bed with him against her will,” the woman advised.

The woman had a red mark on the side of her forehead and a “baseball-sized bruise” on her thigh, police said.

Olszewski, for his part, denied all of the woman’s allegations.

Olszewski--who registered an alcohol blood content of .257 percent on a portable breath test