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Chesterton Police to retire K-9 partner Kahr

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For more than six years, the Chesterton Police Departmentís K-9 partner, Kahr, has been faithfully serving the townís citizens.

His handler, however, Officer Erik Herbert, is expected to resign his position later this year to accept a job with another department, and that PD is not interested in acquiring Kahrís services.

So Police Chief Dave Cincoski, as he reported to the Police Commission at its meeting last week, will formally ask the Town Council tonight for authorization to retire Kahr to Herbertís care.

Cincoski noted that it wouldnít make financial sense to train another officer to be Kahrís handler, particularly as Kahr is 7 years old. German shepherds attached to law enforcement agencies typically have an active-service longevity of six to seven years. Thatís partly due to the rigors of the job and partly to the genetics of the breed.

Kahr underwent surgery in October 2015 to repair a hernia. He later returned to duty after a convalescence of about three months.

If the council approves Cincoskiís request, the CPD will be without a K-9 unit for the first time since 2010. The departmentís other K-9 partner, Igor, was retired to the care of his handler, Sgt. Dan Rocha, last year in October, after he was diagnosed with arthritis. Igor suffered a grievous training injury in November 2014, breaking a leg in a freak accident, but after surgery and a long recovery he too returned to service.

Cincoski was unable to say when the CPD might re-up its K-9 program. At the moment only one of his officers has expressed interest in becoming a handler but that officer doesnít currently meet all of the qualifications, mostly pertaining to the size of his home and yard.

Hiring Update

In other business, members agreed to hold an executive session at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 22, for the purpose of interviewing a short list of 10 candidates for two open and one soon-to-be open probationary-officer positions.

The first opening goes back to 2014, when Cpl. Fernando Dominguez resigned to take a position in a Florida department. This opening was briefly filled in July 2016, with the hiring of Sean Grubbs, who, however, subsequently resigned.

The second opening goes back only to January, when Officer Troy Allen accepted a position with the Lake Station PD. The third opening is pending, with Officer Erik Herbertís anticipated resignation.

Each of the 10 candidates will be interviewed for 15 minutes. The top three candidates will be made conditional offers of employment, Cincoski said.

New Crossing Guard at Bailly Elementary

In other business, and on Cincoskiís recommendation, members voted unanimously to hire Chesterton resident Allen Novreske as the new crossing guard at Bailly Elementary School at 800 S. Fifth St.

Novreske succeeds former CPD chief George Nelson, who served as the crossing guard at Bailly following his retirement from the CPD in 2010.

Novreske is a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Army and a retiree from a local manufacturer.


Also on Cincoskiís recommendation, members voted to promote Jessica Holaway from part-time Communications Clerk II to I.

January in Review

The CPD responded to 777 calls in January (624 in December), filed 74 cases (60), issued 70 citations and 107 warnings (24 and 29), and investigated 33 accidents with six injuries (44 accidents with five injuries).

Calls for service in January included two reports of shoplifting (three in December), 88 suspicious vehicles or persons (90), 10 thefts (14), 27 alarms (50), six reports of vandalism (nine), six overdoses (four), one animal complaint (two), 266 traffic stops (95), 18 well-being checks (14), one missing person (one), one attempted burglary (zero), four burglaries (zero), eight reports of battery (three), two reports of child abuse (zero), 19 disturbances (29), three reports of forgery or counterfeiting (one), two reports of fraud (five), one motor vehicle theft (zero), and one runaway (one).


Posted 2/13/2017





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