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Chesterton Police make one hire, working on another

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One hire completed, one to go.

That was Chesterton Police Chief Dave Cincoski’s report to the Police Commission at its meeting last week.

Probationary Officer Michael Manion has officially started his duties and is currently undergoing field training, Cincoski said. Manion’s hire fills a vacancy in the CPD’s complement opened with the retirement last year of Capt. George Nelson.

But a new vacancy has opened with the recent retirement of Det. Lt. Dave Adkins, Cincoski noted, and progress is being made to fill that slot on an immediate-hire basis. Seven candidates have submitted applications and are being interviewed, with background investigations tentatively scheduled to begin next week.

No move will be made to name Adkins’ successor in the Investigations Bureau until a hire has been made to fill the opening in the roster, Cincoski added.

More on Personnel

In other business, members voted 3-0 to promote Shaun O’Neill and Kelly Porter to part-time Communication Clerks Level II. O’Neill and Porter dispatch full-time for other agencies, Cincoski said, they have worked part-time for the CPD for six months, and their promotion would amount to a “very small raise.”

Members also voted 3-0 to officially sponsor CPD Reserve Officer Jeff Ton at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. Ton will be paying his own way through the academy but in order to do so must be sponsored by a law enforcement agency, Cincoski said. He added that successful completion of the academy will not guarantee Ton an offer of employment with the CPD “by any stretch of the imagination.”

With Gratitude

Meanwhile, Cincoski reported that a family whose residence was burglarized last year has forwarded a long letter of gratitude to Det. Sgt. Chuck Rinker for Rinker’s “professional handling of the case.

That letter will be placed in Rinker’s personnel file, Cincoski said.


The CPD has taken delivery of four new squad cars—technically, “interceptor utility vehicles”—which are now being equipped by an Illinois company.

The squads should be road-ready in a few weeks, Cincoski said.

February in Review

In February the CPD responded to 1,552 calls (1,731 in January), filed 38 cases (43), filed 23 misdemeanor and two felony charges (31 and 18), issued 85 citations and 269 warnings (87 and 304), served seven warrants (six), and investigated 27 accidents with two injuries (34 accidents with 11 injuries).

Information on juvenile investigations in February was not available.

Calls for service included 25 alarms (comparative statistics from January not available), 16 animal complaints, two reports of battery, six burglaries, one counterfeit bill, 14 disturbances, one domestic call, three reports of fraud, two reports of identity theft, 20 miscellaneous juvenile complaints, two missing persons, two noise complaints, five parking violations, three peddler complaints, seven residence checks, one runaway, 36 suspicious circumstances, 20 suspicious persons, 26 suspicious vehicles, 16 thefts, 473 traffic stops, seven incidents of vandalism, and three vehicle repossessions.



Posted 3/21/2013