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Chase Bank refuses to release video to CPD in matter of missing wallet

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The local branch of Chase Bank, 109 Broadway, has refused to release video surveillance tape to the Chesterton Police Department, after a bank customer reported losing his wallet, presumably while at the bank.

According to police, at 10:09 a.m. Monday the bank customer, a Chesterton resident, made three deposits, then left the bank. About an hour later he stopped at a gas station and realized his wallet was gone.

Believing that he’d left the wallet on the counter at the bank, he returned to Chase and asked whether the manager might review surveillance video. “He was informed that viewing the video would require a police inquiry,” police said.

The customer accordingly called the CPD and an officer duly responded to Chase and asked to see the video in question. Instead the officer was given the number for Chase Bank Security and “informed that the dissemination of video is not a branch-level decision,” police said.

At 4 p.m. Monday the officer made contact with the customer, who said that he still hadn’t found his wallet and so had already obtained a new driver’s license and canceled two credit cards and a debit card. The customer also indicated that he “is going to exercise some vigilance over his credit history for the next few months,” police said.

By that point--5 p.m. on the East Coast--Chase Bank Security was closed for the day, so the officer called on Tuesday, at which time he was told that releasing the video to the CPD “would require a subpoena,” essentially putting the kibosh on any further inquiry.

“I had a discussion with the complainant and explained that a subpoena must be based on articulatable facts and circumstances that would lead one to believe a crime was committed, rather than on a hunch or a mere suspicion or to ‘rule out’ the possibility that it was stolen,” the investigating officer stated in his report. “He said he understood and that he did not need anything further from CPD.”


Posted 7/27/2018




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