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Charges filed after man forcibly enters and occupies Beverly Shores home

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An Indianapolis man accused of forcibly entering a vacant Beverly Shores home and then occupying it was apprehended on Thursday by Town Marshal Susan Resteau.

Eduardo Martinez Hernandez, 23, is being held at Porter County Jail on charges of burglary, criminal mischief, and theft.

Resteau gave this account of Hernandez’s arrest.

On Thursday morning she was called to assist the Beverly Shores Fire Department following a report of smoke in a residence on Lakefront Drive, made by the home’s caretaker, who also advised that on his arrival at the house he found an unknown vehicle parked in the driveway. Resteau subsequently made contact with the caretaker, who gave her this new piece of information: that he’d seen movement inside the residence.

Resteau told the Chesterton Tribune that she made entry on the lower level, using the caretaker’s house key, and observed on reaching the main level that someone had started a fire in the kitchen sink using paper towels and cigars. Resteau also observed that a fire had been started in the fireplace, without the flue’s having been opened.

Resteau said that she went about clearing the residence, room by room, until finally reaching a bedroom on the top floor, whose door was locked. Resteau instructed the unknown subject inside the bedroom to unlock the door and exit with hands raised, and when that failed to have the desired effect she warned him that her next move would be to kick the door in. At that point, Resteau said, a male subject--later identified as Hernandez--unlocked the door, exited the bedroom, and surrendered himself.

Hernandez stated that he’d taken a family member’s vehicle and was heading to Chicago when he had car problems on Wednesday. Finding himself in Beverly Shores, Hernandez spotted a house on Lakefront Drive which appeared vacant, then made entry after breaking a window and stayed the night, Resteau said.

Hernandez had no documentation on his person and Resteau said that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement later advised her that he is this country illegally and is subject to removal following adjudication in Porter County.

A charge of theft was also filed against Hernandez after a television belonging to the homeowner was found in the trunk of Hernandez’s car, Resteau added.

Hernandez was transported to the Porter County Jail.


Posted 8/27/2018




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