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CFD: Witch burns at The Flower Cart

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And yea in this Place of Flours the Sonne’s swete cleansing Light found the Wicce and it fell on her like Fier from Heven and the Wicce berned.

A witch was burned, then drowned, at The Flower Cart on Thursday, the Chesterton Fire Department said.

Capt. Rudy Jimenez told the Chesterton Tribune today that, at 5:03 p.m., the CFD responded to The Flower Cart after employees there reported a possible electrical fire.

But it was just a witch.

A Halloween snow globe--with black bats instead of snow--sitting on a display case near the front door appears to have concentrated and focused the late afternoon’s westering sun, as a magnifying glass might do, Jimenez said. The heat generated by the sunlight, in turn, proved great enough to cause a decorative fabric witch, placed behind the globe, to smolder.

Flower Cart employees who smelled the odor initially thought it might be electrical in origin, co-owner Steve Brickner told the Tribune. But then they saw the witch smoking and promptly removed it from the store, dunking it in water on the sidewalk outside prior to the CFD’s arrival.

The offending snow globe, meanwhile, has been re-located.

The CFD cleared the scene at 5:10 p.m.



Posted 9/29/2017







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