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CFD: Gas leak forces evacuation of two homes on Grant Ave

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The Chesterton Fire Department evacuated two homes on Grant Ave. on Thursday night, after discovering a significant natural-gas leak in an adjacent commercial building.

Capt. Tony Coslet told the Chesterton Tribune today that, at 6:27 p.m., the CFD received a report of a powerful odor of gas on Wabash Ave. between Third Street and North Calumet Road. Firefighters initially had trouble tracing the leak, given the way the wind was blowing, although they did find a minor one at the meter of a home in the 100 block of Wabash Ave., Coslet said.

Also responding was a NIPSCO field worker, who after examining the meter determined that this particular leak was too small to be responsible for the very strong odor of gas. Firefighters, along with the NIPSCO rep, then “fanned out” with their meters, and found gas readings “off the charts” in an alley behind the commercial building at 136 Grant Ave., Coslet said. In the belief that the building could be filling up with gas, the CFD made contact with the keyholder, and on finally entering the building firefighters were able to confirm that it was gas-free.

As a precaution, however, the CFD evacuated the two homes immediately east of the commercial building, whose residents are believed to have gone to family members to stay, Coslet said. The Street Department also barricaded Grant Ave.

The source of the leak was at last identified as a failure at the meter of the commercial building’s service lateral, Coslet said. There had been no excavation in the area nor was there any obvious damage to the meter, and Coslet speculated that the weather may have had something to do with the leak.

The CFD returned to station at 9:12 p.m., after turning the scene over to a NIPSCO crew.


Posted 2/12/2018




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