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CFD: Fire damages Mission, Escape business at The Factory

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A fire believed to have been electrical in nature damaged the Mission: Escape suite in The Factory building on Saturday, the Chesterton Fire Department is reporting.

Capt. Rudy Jimenez told the Chesterton Tribune today that, at 7:20 a.m., the CFD was initially dispatched to the Frontline Foundations Inc. offices in response to an activated alarm. Chesterton Police officers, first on the scene, quickly determined that there was no fire at Frontline, then proceeded to The Factory, where they made entry and subsequently traced smoke and an odor of natural gas to Suite 3 on the second floor, where the Mission: Escape business is located.

On their arrival firefighters found that the sprinkler system had done “an excellent job in extinguishing the fire” and confining it to its point of origin, Jimenez said: a small hallway off the main lobby leading to one of the escape rooms.

The source of the fire appears to have been a short circuit in a smoke machine or its extension cord, which on igniting began to burn a nearby stage prop from the bank heist escape room: a cardboard swag box containing fake money, Jimenez said.

Fire damage was minimal but water damage was fairly extensive--both to Suite 3 and to Suite 2, beneath it on the ground floor--inasmuch as the sprinkler system continued to release water until firefighters turned it off.

Jimenez estimated damage to the building at $10,000 and that to contents at $5,000. He added that Suite 2 on the ground floor is currently vacant.

The CFD cleared the scene at 8:37 a.m.




Posted 11/19/2018




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