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CFD: Extension cord starts to arc at gas station

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The Chesterton Fire Department responded to the Rush Hour Foods gas station early this morning after a passer-by reported a possible structure fire there.

What firefighters found on their arrival, shortly after 12 a.m., was an arcing extension cord outside the business, Lt. Steve Himan told the Chesterton Tribune.

Although the passer-by believed he was seeing smoke coming from inside the building--and under the door--it was actually smoke from an extension cord being used to power the ice machine outside the business, Himan said.

The cord may have gotten wet in the rain, Himan surmised. In any case, it started to arc and the plug itself ultimately overheated and melted.

The CFD unplugged the machine and cleared the scene at 1:14 a.m.



Posted 1/20/2017




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