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Cause of death in Portage murder exsanguination

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The Portage woman whose son--according to authorities--killed her to spare her an unspecified embarrassment bled to death, the Porter County Coroner’s Office is reporting.

After deadline on Tuesday, Coroner Cyndi Dykes released the preliminary cause of death: Dixie Trumble, 91, died of exsanguination with blunt force trauma.

Dixie Trumble’s son, Charles H. Trumble, 59, was taken into custody on Sunday evening at the home he shared with his mother in the 5800 block of McCasland Court. Portage Police said that Charles Trumble struck his mother in the head with a short-handled sledgehammer, then called 911, telling the dispatcher that “he killed her because he is about to be exposed for committing awful crimes.”

While officers were still performing CPD on Dixie Trumble, Charles Trumble was overheard saying, “My mom was a distinguished woman. I am about to be in trouble for some really bad stuff and I killed her so she wouldn’t be exposed to it,” Portage Police said.

In a subsequent interview, Charles Trumble “freely and voluntarily waived his constitutional rights and admitted to killing his mother, Dixie Trumble, by hitting her with a sledgehammer,” Portage Police said.

A sledgehammer was recovered at the scene.

Charles Trumble is being held at the Porter County Jail on a charge of murder.


Posted 2/26/2020






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