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Burns Harbor Police in high speed pursuit

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An Illinois resident was arrested early Wednesday morning on a charge of resisting law enforcement after leading police officers from numerous Duneland departments on a high-speed pursuit into Lake County, the Burns Harbor Police Department is reporting.

According to the BHPD, at 1:19 a.m. an officer was patrolling the Pilot Travel Center, 243 U.S. Highway 20, when he observed, parked between two semi-tractor trailers, a white minivan resembling one believed to have been involved in the theft of whiskey from a rig the day before. As the officer passed the vehicle, “it quickly exited” the parking lot and turned left onto eastbound U.S. 20, making “an improper turn at the intersection,” police said.

The officer activated his emergency lights and attempted to execute a traffic stop on the minivan, but its driver--subsequently identified as Brandy Unique Morse, 40, of Chicago--turned off the vehicle’s “head and tail lamps before accelerating quickly” and merging onto westbound I-94, police said.

“The vehicle weaved from lane to lane, failing to signal, and continued to do so at over 100 mph,” police said.

An Ogden Dunes police officer subsequently joined the pursuit, as did officers from the Chesterton and Porter PDs, the Lake and Porter county sheriff’s police, and the Indiana State Police. In Lake Station, Morse exited I-94 and continued northbound on Ripley Street, turned left onto westbound U.S. 20, and proceeded to the merger of U.S. 20 and U.S. 12, where--at “speeds in excess of 100 mph, weaving from left to right with no working lights”--she disregarded a traffic control device before merging onto the eastbound Indiana Toll Road, police said.

At the 25.6 mile marker, an ISP trooper succeeded in deploying stop sticks, “which the van struck with its front driver’s side tire, causing it to run flat,” then slow, then finally stop at the 28.6 mile marker, police said.

Officers ordered the occupants of the minivan to exit their vehicle, but they refused to do so for roughly 15 minutes, police said. At last Morse exited, followed by three male subjects, and a search of the vehicle was conducted “with negative results,” police said.

“All subjects within the vehicle stated they knew nothing about the thefts from the Pilot in the day prior and that they were sleeping in the car,” police said.

“It was confirmed that the female occupant of the vehicle”--Morse--“was driving by her own admission,” police said.

Morse was transported to Porter County Jail and the three male subjects released from the scene.



Posted 1/16/2020




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