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Broken gas line in Dune Acres forces evacuation

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Two Dune Acres homes had to be evacuated on Saturday in the wake of a ruptured natural-gas line, the Porter Fire Department said.

Fire Chief Lewis Craig told the Chesterton Tribune today that, around 6 p.m., an Indiana-American Water Company crew working on a broken water main hit a two-inch gas line on Ridge Drive. The resulting gas leak forced the PFD to evacuate two homes.

Craig characterized NIPSCO’s response to the scene as slower than optimal. “It took them forever to do anything,” he said.

Eventually, the PFD transported the occupants of one of the homes to the Hilton Garden Inn in Chesterton to spend the night, Craig said. The owner of the other home went to a neighbor’s.

The PFD, for its part, “baby-sat” the scene until a NIPSCO crew arrived, at 1:57 a.m.

On Sunday morning, Craig added, the PFD gave the couple a lift home from the Hilton, at which time NIPSCO was still working on the line.


Posted 2/17/2014