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Beverly Shores Fire Department releases January report

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The Beverly Shores Volunteer Fire Department responded to four calls in January: three medical calls and a structure fire in Chesterton.

The most serious call involved an impaired driver in Beverly Shores who lost control of his vehicle on East Beverly Drive and ended up in the wetlands. A tow truck was initially summoned to retrieve the vehicle, but while the tow was in the works the driver began to show symptoms of an overdose. Police, fire, and EMS were all subsequently dispatched to the scene.

“If you happen upon a car accident and the driver or passengers appear impaired be very careful what you touch,” the BSVFD said. “The new super opioids, fentanyl and carfentanil (gray death), are 100 to 10,000 times more potent than heroin, and a particle of carfentanil, as small as grain of sand, can kill you. On all medical calls firefighters protect themselves by wearing gloves. The gloves protect us from all the typical blood borne diseases, as well as these super opioids. If you are not protected do not touch anything.”

Community Service: Smoke Detectors

The State of Indiana’s “Get Alarmed” program has been a big hit in Beverly Shores, the BSVFD is reporting. Indiana has provided the BSVFD with 20 smoke detectors, and firefighters have inspected 17 homes and installed a total of 12 smoke detectors.

If you would like to have us drop by and check out your smoke detectors, contract us at or

CPR Training

The BSVFD has scheduled a community CPR/AED training for 9 a.m. Saturday, March 14.

Ten people have already expressed an interest and we have room for ten more. Thanks to recent community donations the BSVFD can offer this lifesaving class to the public at no cost.

Participants will also receive a complementary Beverly Shores Fire tee-shirt. If you are interested in attending please contact

Lakeshore Support

“There has been a tremendous effort to protect the beach,” the BSVFD said. “The BSVFD put our Tank 25-40 in service to provide water to the team building the ‘Sand Traps’ at Lakeview Beach. We were happy to assist and we are available for additional community support.”



Posted 2/17/2020




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