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Accused shoplifter at Portage WalMart reportedly makes bomb threats

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A Portage resident was arrested Wednesday on a charge of theft and could possibly face more charges related to making a bomb threat at the Portage Wal-Mart at 6087 U.S. 6, Portage Police said.

According to police, at approximately 7:35 p.m. Bradley R. Heideman, 20, of 6341 Monument Avenue, approached the service desk and asked an employee if he could make a page over the PA system. He handed the employee a note that that read if he lost his girlfriend he “will blow up the world” and walked away, police said.

A witness advised she earlier saw Heideman near the entrance of the store wearing a dark colored baseball cap and a yellow Nike shirt yelling “extremely loud” that he would blow up the store, police said, and reported the threat to the manager.

Police said they checked several locations for Heideman and later located Heideman at the Kohls store at 6495 U.S. 6 with a friend.

Police said they later checked surveillance footage from Wal-Mart which showed images of Heideman taking cold medicine from an aisle in front of the pharmacy.

At the time of arrest, Heideman admitted to stealing “three packages” of cold medicine which were in the glove compartment of his vehicle. He advised that he had consumed a large amount of cold medicine earlier in the evening, police said.

Police said Heideman was transported to Porter Hospital campus in Portage for medical clearance. He was then taken into custody at Porter County Jail where he was charged with theft.

Possible charges related to the bomb threat have been forwarded to the County Prosecutor’s office.





Posted 4/26/2013