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5000 here lose power in Sunday storm

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As of this morning, all of the nearly 5,000 homes and businesses which lost power in Sunday morning’s storm were back on the grid.

At 9:45 a.m. Sunday, NIPSCO was reporting that 4,962 of its customers in Duneland were in the dark. Not everyone lost power: homes on the far south and west sides of Chesterton rode out the storm pretty well, but certainly Duneland was one of the hardest hit communities in NIPSCO’s service area.

Service to the majority of Dunelanders was restored by or around noon on Sunday.

At mid-morning Sunday, 707 customers in Michigan City were without power; 1,759 in Portage; only 75 in Valparaiso. At the storm’s peak, 19,643 customers in NIPSCO’s service area were juiceless.

At 7 a.m. today, approximately 1,400 customers were still without power, NIPSCO said. “The City of Gary and surrounding communities are most impacted by these outages because of the storm damage that occurred there.”

“With more than 90 percent restored, crews were making progress,” NIPSCO added. “However, the extent of the damage is going to take some time to get restored. In some cases a repair could be tied to restoring a large number of customers, while some may be tied to only a few customers.”

NIPSCO was forecasting that power should be restored to all customers by noon today.

It’s believed that a lightning strike during the storm was responsible for an attic fire in the 400 block of West Indiana Ave., the Chesterton Fire Department told the Chesterton Tribune this morning. A story on that fire appears elsewhere in today’s edition.

And one traffic accident--a minor rear-ender which occurred at 12:37 p.m. at the intersection of Ind. 49 and East Porter Ave.--is being attributed at least partially to the fact that the traffic signals there were out at the time, the Chesterton Police Department said.

The wind gusts responsible for the power outages, on the other hand, did minimal damage in Chesterton. “Only a few tree limbs came down,” Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg said.



Posted 8/19/2019




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