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Chesterton Police are seeking the female driver of a silver Mercedes suspected of striking a 16-year-old Chesterton boy on Tuesday, April 19, as he was attempting to cross 11th Street.

According to police, at 7:20 a.m. the boy was crossing 11th Street near the south end of the Chesterton High School football stadium, just south of 1100N, when a silver Mercedes “came out of nowhere.” Police said that the woman driving the Mercedes “slammed on the brakes” but still struck the boy at reduced speed, sending him into the grass on the east side of 11th Street.

The woman then yelled to the boy “Are you in the habit of running out in front of cars?” before fleeing the scene northbound on 11th Street.

A passerby was southbound on 11th Street at the time of the accident, saw the boy crossing 11th Street, saw the Mercedes “flying,” saw the female driver “brake at the last second” before hitting the boy, and heard her yelling at the boy “about jumping in front of cars,” police said.

The passerby stopped and gave the boy a ride home. He was subsequently transported to Porter Valparaiso Hospital Campus for treatment of an abrasion to his elbow and lower arm, police said.

Anyone with information about the accident, the suspect, or the suspect vehicle is urged to call the CPD at 926-1136.


Posted 4/25/2011




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