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PCSP: Boy posts nude video of self to YouTube then blackmailed on line

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A 10-year-old Pine Township boy who posted a nude video of himself to YouTube has begun receiving numerous e-mails from unknown persons threatening to contact the FBI if he did not post additional videos, the Porter County Sheriff’s Police said.

According to police, on Sunday the boy’s mother reported that she discovered “several dozen e-mails” referencing a nude video which her son had posted to YouTube. The mother confronted the boy, who admitted posting the video after “repeatedly receiving messages,” around 8 or 9 p.m. on Friday, “from persons who he thought were juvenile girls.”

The boy “did not know them but their profile pictures and videos indicated that they were about the same age.”

In those messages, police said, the persons whom the boy thought to be juvenile girls asked him to post nude videos of himself, which he “eventually” did “for a brief period of time,” police said. “They continued asked for more videos but he deleted the video that he had posted and did not post any more.”

Of the e-mails, police said, “there were dozens of them,” originating from at least two different addresses, the first e-mail sent at 9:42 a.m. Friday and the last at 12:26 a.m. Saturday. “The e-mails asked (the boy) to send nude videos of himself doing sexually explicit things. They said that they would not send him any nude videos of themselves until he sent more videos of himself. Many of the e-mails asked that the videos be 14 minutes long. They also said that the FBI would be contacted if he did not post more videos.”

Another e-mailer not only threatened to contact the FBI if the boy “did not comply” but to send the original video to his friends.

The boy’s mother expressed her belief that the e-mailers were not juvenile girls at all “but possibly adults who were trying to get a juvenile to post nude video’s on line,” police said.

The boy has lost computer privileges, police added.


Posted 4/18/2011