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1st Source warns of new phone scam

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1st Source Bank is warning the public about an emerging scam in which automated calls are being made both to clients and non-clients informing them that their 1st Source MasterCard has been deactivated.

Folks are then instructed to enter their full card number and PIN to reactivate their card.

These calls are not being made by 1st Source Bank. Instead they’re phishing attempts to acquire card information.

“No client information was taken from 1st Source,” 1st Source said. “It seems a robotic calling system is being used to randomly select telephone numbers to call. The calls were initially placed to numbers with a 574 area code and now include numbers with a 219 and 260 area code as well.”

“Typically, fraudsters blanket an area with calls, hoping even 1 percent of those called would give the requested information,” 1st Source added. “These scams have hit the largest banks in the past. Now the fraudsters have moved to regional and community bank clients hoping to trick unsuspecting people into giving up their card information.

1st Source is working with authorities in an attempt to isolate the scam. Banks report incidents of this nature to the U.S. Treasury, who then work with the regional branch of the FBI to investigate.

Persons who receive such a call should hang up and provide no information to the caller. Those who have been tricked into releasing information should contact their bank immediately.

1st Source clients should stop in or talk to their neighborhood banking center, or call the client service center at (800) 513-2360. After hours call (800) 554-8969. The card will be canceled and a new one issued. Clients should also review their account history to ensure no fraudulent transactions have taken place.

1st Source emphasizes to clients that it will NEVER call or send an e-mail asking for their account number, password or PIN.


Posted 7/11/2012