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Gloria Mead Archbald passes away at age 89

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On Tuesday, October 2, 2018, Gloria Mead Archbald passed away.

Gloria was born in Olean, New York on July 4, 1929. She often remarked that she was seven before she realized that all of the fire works were not for her.

She graduated from East Aurora High School in New York. She remarked “Even though I was raised during the depression and times were tough, life was very fun in East Aurora. When food became scarce in the house, another antique chair suddenly was gone and replaced by food.” She graduated from Centenary Women’s College in New Jersey with an AA in 1949. She was a stewardess with American Airlines from 1949 to 1951. The planes were DC 4s flying from New York to London. She remembers having to sit in the copilot seat every flight when the pilot or copilot were sleeping.

Gloria was a loving wife and mother who enjoyed attending plays and operas and listening to music, especially big band. She also enjoyed reading and having a drink with friends or family.

After marrying and moving to California, she spent the bulk of her time raising a family and working in retail. She moved to Galveston, Texas, in 1983, where she lived until Hurricane Ike wiped out her house in 2009. She loved spending her golden years in Galveston, enjoying the beach with her friends and family. She worked until she was 79 for Bob and Felicia Deas on the Strand and at Coastal Creation. She also enjoyed volunteering at the Opera House as an usher with a couple friends.

After the hurricane she moved North and lived with her three children until her death this year.

She is survived by daughters Jodi Fisher, of Vancouver, Washington, and Amy Elliot, of Mineral Bluffs, Georgia; son Tom Archbald, of Chesterton and his family, wife Theresa Keilman, daughter Stephanie Archbald and sons Connor and David Archbald.

Preceding her in death were her parents, Gaylord and Delberta Mead, brother Gaylord Mead, husband Joe Archbald, and daughter Ellen Archbald.



Posted 10/5/2018




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