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Visclosky supports Voter Empowerment Act

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U.S. Rep. Pete Visclosky, D-1st, has announced his support for the Voter Empowerment Act authored by Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga.

According to a statement released by Visclosky’s office on Thursday that bill would “modernize America’s voter registration system, protect equal access to the ballot box, and eliminate barriers to any American’s right to vote.”

The bill—which received the support of 141 cosponsors in the 112th Congress—would “reaffirm the principle that every man and woman of legal age has an equal right to register to vote and cast a ballot without fear of discrimination based on race, sex, or age.”

“No right is more fundamental to the continuation of a democracy than the right to vote,” Visclosky said. “I am proud to stand with Congressman Lewis and all those who are fighting to strengthen every American’s right to vote,” Congressman Visclosky said of the proposed legislation.

Highlights of the Voter Empowerment Act:

•It would “make use of the latest technology to automatically and permanently enroll all consenting eligible voters, update changes in address or name, and include built-in fail-safe measures to correct problems and protect personal privacy.”

•It would “ensure that no voter is turned away from the polls on Election Day by allowing same-day registration, which already exists in ten states.”

•It would “help alleviate any additional burdens for people with disabilities by providing additional tools to vote.”


Posted 1/4/2013