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Toll Road users: Top up your EZPass; tolls to spike June 1

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A subsidy program enacted to keep Indiana Toll Rates low for motorists paying electronically--via EZPass--will expire on May 31.

Which means that EZPass users, beginning on June 1, will pay dramatically higher tolls, Toll Road operator ITRCC announced on Monday.

Class 2 EZPass users--those driving two-axle vehicles and motorcycles--currently pay 50 cents for the trip between the Portage barrier and the Illinois state line. On June 1 that toll will increase to $2.13, an increase of 326 percent.

Class 2 EZPass users traveling the entire 157-mile length of the Toll Road, moreover, will see the toll for that trip increase from $4.65 to $10.52, a spike of 126 percent.

Then, beginning on July 1, the toll for a full-length trip will increase once more, from $10.52 for all Class 2 users to $10.75, ITRCC said.

Proceeds from the original 2006 Indiana Toll Road lease agreement established a toll subsidy for Class 2 users paying via electronic tolling that was to remain in place for 10 years, ITRCC noted. That subsidy was to expire in June 2016 but funds still remained in the toll subsidy account, so the Indiana Finance Authority extended the subsidy for the Class 2 EZPass users until May 31.

Toll rates vary according to vehicle class and distance traveled. For full rate schedules and more information visit


Posted 5/2/2017







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