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Toll Road company to replace ramp bridges

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ITR Concession Company, which holds the 75-year lease on the Indiana Toll Road, has been greenlighted by the Indiana Department of Transportation to rebuild three aging ramp bridges at the Lake Station interchange, where the Toll Road, the Borman Expressway, and Ind. 51 converge.

The rebuild will be done within the existing interchange footprint, which first opened to traffic in 1965, INDOT said.

The project will include the removal or replacement of the bridges’ steel beams, railings, and crumbling concrete deck. Portions of the existing abutments and vertical piers will, based on their condition, be replaced or rehabilitated. And new concrete railings and wider bridge shoulders will be installed to improve safety.

The three bridges to be replaced:

* Structure BHX-A: A bridge on the westbound entry ramp over the Toll Road

* Structure BHX-B: A bridge on the westbound exit ramp over the Toll Road

* Structure 5262: A bridge over the Borman Expressway for the road interconnecting to the Toll Road.

ITRCC is expected to bid multiple contracts over the next several months with construction scheduled to begin in late 2013 or early 2014. The construction will require several months of temporary ramp closures but minimal impacts are anticipating to the mainline of the Toll Road with travel lanes fully open during daylight hours.

ITRCC operates and collects tolls on the 157-mile Indiana Toll Road under a 75-year lease with the Indiana Finance Authority. The Indiana Toll Road Oversight Board meets quarterly to monitor the ITRCC’s compliance with strict operating standards in the lease agreement.



Posted 9/11/2013