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Snagged wire delays South Shore trains

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A snagged overhead wire delayed South Shore commuter service during the afternoon rush hour and into the evening on Monday, the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District said.

NICTD spokesman John Parsons told the Chesterton Tribune today that the incident occurred around 12 p.m., when westbound Train 116--a double decker--snagged the wire as it was crossing from one track to the other between Kline Ave. and the East Chicago station.

“We’re still investigating how that occurred,” Parsons said.

The problem for commuters was that the snag occurred in double-track territory between the Illinois state line and Gary, so that the usual two-way traffic in that stretch was reduced to one-way along the southernmost Track 1. “One train would be waiting while the other cleared Track 1,” Parsons said.

Westbound Train 20, for instance, was delayed by two hours, as it waited on eastbound Train 9. Eastbound Train 117 departed Millennium State at 6:16 p.m.--35 to 40 minutes late--as it waited on the arrival of Westbound Train 218. Today’s rush hour was back to normal, Parsons added.



Posted 6/18/2013