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O'Hare Airport turns to goats to clear airfield brush

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CHICAGO (AP) - OíHare airportís latest acquisition isnít a new runway or a futuristic terminal - itís a noisy barnyard band of about two dozen goats, sheep, llamas and burros. Theyíre mission: to mow the grass. Lots of it.

OíHare International is one of the largest airports in the world and it takes its environmental initiatives to serious and sometimes quirky heights. It has acres of green roofs, including one atop an air traffic control facility, to reduce storm water runoff and lower the urban heat island effect of the airportís massive concrete expanse.

The goats and their furry friends are making their debut Tuesday in an environmentally friendly brush-clearing operation. One of the goals is to rid the airfield of habitat for birds, which can present an aviation hazard.



Posted 8/13/2013