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Lincoln Park Zoo announces birth of black rhinoceros

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CHICAGO (AP) The new baby at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo weighed 60 pounds at birth. The Eastern black rhinoceros calf was born Monday and he's already following his mother around.

Zoo officials announced the new rhino's birth Thursday. He's the offspring of first-time mother, 8-year-old Kapuki, and 27-year-old father, Maku.

The zoo's curator of mammals is Mark Kamhout. He says experts worked to pinpoint the exact window for Kapuki and Maku to breed and everyone is delighted with the success.

Black rhinos are endangered and are a target for poachers. Lincoln Park Zoo is dedicated to rhino conservation.

Kapuki and her calf aren't on public display yet. Zoo officials say they will be bonding behind the scenes at the Harris Family Foundation Black Rhinoceros Habitat for the next couple of weeks.


Posted 8/30/2013