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Coolers and bottles banned on South Shore trains Saturday

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Coolers and glass bottles will be prohibited on all Chicago-bound South Shore commuter line trains on Saturday, Oct. 6, NICTD Transit Police announced on Wednesday.

While there will be no actual alcohol restrictions this Saturday on South Shore trains departing the South Bend Regional Airport Station for the Notre Dame/Miami football game at Soldier Field in Chicago, coolers and glass bottles will be prohibited.

“The combination of coolers and glass bottles onboard our trains present serious safety concerns for our passengers and employees,” Transit Police Chief Bob Byrd said. “Therefore, just like many other special event dates throughout the year, both will be prohibited from South Shore trains on Saturday, Oct. 6.”

NICTD Transit Police and South Bend Regional Airport Police officers will be assisting passengers with the boarding of trains but Byrd cautions, “Anyone who attempts to bring glass bottles or coolers—either manufactured or improvised—will have the option of returning those items to their vehicles or they will be denied entry onto the train.”

These restrictions will be in place on the entire railroad throughout the day.

The South Shore anticipates a busy day on Saturday and has an extra westbound train departing South Bend at 12:30 p.m. making limited stops to the Museum Campus/11th Street Station near Soldier Field. There will also be an extra eastbound train departing the Museum Campus/11th Street Station 60 minutes following the conclusion of the game.


Posted 10/4/2012