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Beverly Shores creates gift fund for erosion mitigation donations

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This winter’s lakeshore erosion emergency has mobilized Beverly Shores residents and prompted the Town Council on Saturday to create a Non-Reverting Gift Fund to provide urgent financial aid for the crisis.

Meanwhile, Gov. Holcomb has refused the town’s request for a state-of-emergency declaration, although the governors of both Illinois and Michigan have declared emergencies for their states’ shoreline crisis. Porter County authorities have similarly “rebuked” the town’s requests for funding, though it did help with “signs and drones,” according to a statement released by Beverly Shores this week.

“We’ve used all of our funds to repair the most massive erosion scours immediately threatening Lake Front Drive, but the erosion is relentless this year,” Town Council President Geof Benson said. “Personal safety, parking lots ,and all of the infrastructure under the road are at great risk. In addition, Lake Front Drive provides the only access to the lakeshore for the Indiana Dunes National Park and the World’s Fair Century of Progress Homes, both sources of tourist revenue for the state.”

Homeowners Nancy and Steven Schwab helped organize the fund and have a home situated in direct line to a massive scour. “It’s very frightening,” said Nancy Schwab. “What if there’s an emergency situation such as a fire or a serious health matter and emergency vehicles can’t get to our homes? What if the gas lines under the road explode?”

The fund has so far raised approximately $40,000, but current estimates put the cost of mitigation in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Donations are being accepted by The Town of Beverly Shores and are tax deductible. “Anyone who finds joy in the lake front can contribute, not just residents of Beverly Shores,” Town Clerk Ellen Hundt said.

Benson made note of residents’ other efforts in the disaster. “People have really stepped up with incredible skill sets, from driving a bulldozer to calculating engineering specifics to coordinating an elected representative campaign,” he said. “But it’s going to take more than a bake sale to raise the kind of funds we need. We are one storm away from losing the road. We need that help now.”

Donations can be made payable to the Town of Beverly Shores, “Erosion Fund” in memo line, 500 S. Broadway, PO Box 38, Beverly Shores, IN 46301


Posted 2/11/2020




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