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i-Zoom to be retired and replaced by EZ-Pass; no change to i-Zoom accounts

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The Indiana Toll Road “i-Zoom” brand and colors will be retired in 2012, to be replaced with the more recognizable E-ZPass logo and purple color scheme, the Indiana Toll Road Concession Company (ITRCC) is announcing.

Since 2007, “i-Zoom,” “i-Zoom Girl,” and an orange/gray color scheme have been representative of electronic tolling on the Indiana Toll Road. With this change, Indiana will join 14 other states in the E-ZPass agency in sharing the E-ZPass name.

Beginning immediately and expected to last until October 2012, the ITRCC will remove all i-Zoom signs and banners on the Indiana Toll Road and replace with E-ZPass signage, and i-Zoom and i-Zoom Girl will be removed from all public materials. The Customer Service Center phone number remains the same at (888)496-6690, and a new website address is in effect at

This is a change in name only. The transition will not affect any i-Zoom account holder or any other E-ZPass user. The goal is to make electronic tolling on the Indiana Toll Road more recognizable to out-of-state motorists, which make up nearly 65 percent of ITR total users. Those unfamiliar with i-Zoom and the brand are often confused by signage and unsure if their E-ZPass transponders are compatible.

“We are aiming to cut down on driver confusion at toll plazas,” ITRCC CEO Fernando Redondo said. “With this change, our ETC system becomes identified easily as matching other states’ tags, which creates less driver issues at the plazas. With so many out-of-state users on the ITR, this was the right move to make.”

ITRCC has been a member of the E-ZPass Interagency Group (IAG) since 2007, when it became the first private company to be authorized as a member. The membership provides the Indiana Toll Road with electronic toll collection compatibility with a large number of transponders located across the U.S. The IAG has more than 13 million account holders utilizing 22 million tags and operating in 14 states. Twenty-four member agencies operate E-ZPass on 48 roads, bridges and tunnels in the Northeast and Midwest.

Indiana’s electronic toll-collection system was implemented along the entire length of the toll road on April 1, 2008. E-ZPass transponders may be ordered through the ITRCC Web site,

 and they are also available by calling the Customer Service Center at (888) 496-6690 or by visiting the Center at our Granger office, 52551 Ash Road. In addition, E-ZPasses may be purchased for two-axle passenger vehicles and motorcycles at any ITR travel plaza, participating CVS/pharmacy stores and at select toll plazas on the Indiana Toll Road.



Posted 9/10/2012