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Petition for an elected Valparaiso school board moves online

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A petition to move to an elected school board for the Valparaiso Community Schools Corporation is now available online to be signed by residents of Valparaiso and Center Township.

The petition drive was launched last year to push for an elected school board for Valparaiso Community Schools. Valparaiso is one of the 12 school districts in the state that are still under an appointed board system. There are 293 school boards in the state of Indiana. The petition drive is being spearheaded by Kevin Cornett of Valparaiso.

“96 percent of school districts in this state elect their board,” Cornett said. “It is time that Valparaiso become part of the vast majority of districts in the state that elect their school boards.”

The group has launched

to assist in garnering signatures and informing the public about the push for an elected school board. Signatures for the petition can be added online or in person by any person that lives within the Valparaiso Community Schools district and is a registered voter. The online signatures will be added to the 2,500 other signatures collected by hand. 3,500 signatures are required to begin the process of moving to an elected board.

“We have already gathered thousands of signatures in person,” Cornett said. “To surpass our goal, online signatures are necessary. It is much easier to reach all of the voters in Valparaiso with an online petition.”

The petition lists the lack of accountability to the community, budgetary issues and lack of stable leadership as its primary reasons for pushing for an elected board.

“We have seen a complete lack of accountability from the board. It is time that we move to where 96 percent of other school boards are,” Cornett said. “There have been no answers to how money is being spent and the problems the Valpo schools are facing.”

Anyone interested in signing the petition or becoming involved with the drive for an elected school board can visit

 or email the organization at




Posted 2.20.2013