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Panoramic portrait centennial marked with recreation of original event

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Capturing a moment in time: With a hand wave to indicate when he would start the sequence of photos, photographer Dan Bruhn held the attention of more than 100 people Friday afternoon, as he recreated the 100 year old panoramic photograph of downtown Chesterton. Bruhn took three sets of photos in eight segments each, though with a digital camera the entire process took just under five minutes. People turned out with baby strollers and bicycles, cars, golf carts and dogs. Some little girls were in party finery. Perhaps the main thing missing that was in the original picture was a horse and buggy. The original photo, donated to the Westchester Township History Museum by the Chesterton Tribune, was taken on August 9, 1913. After the new photograph was taken, participants visited the Library Service Center, at 100 W. Indiana Ave., to view an exhibit of the original 1913 photo. (Tribune photo by Margaret L. Willis)



Over 100 people turned out Friday, August 9, at 3 p.m., to recreate a 100 year old panoramic photograph of downtown Chesterton.

Photographer Dan Bruhn set up his camera on a stationary tripod in the center of the intersection of Broadway and Calumet Ave.

Friday was the 100th anniversary of the original panoramic picture, made in 1913, also at around 3 in the afternoon on August 9.

The 1913 photograph shows a horse and buggy, early automobiles, ladies in long skirts and hats and men in dark pants and white shirts, some wearing suspenders and hats.

Bruhn recreated the photograph by rotating his digital camera atop a tripod, shooting eight separate segments that can be spliced together to create a panorama of the scene.

On Friday folks turned out in 2013 summer dress, shorts, tank tops and flip flops, though a few wore ‘costumes’ of the period of 1913. Jim Jeselnick, of Chesterton, wore old-fashioned golf attire and one gentleman wore dark pants and a white shirt, with suspenders and a hat.

Chesterton resident Tom Smith made a point of standing just where his own grandfather had stood for the 1913 photograph, on the southwest corner of the intersection in front of the Smith building.

Copies of the 1913 photo are avilable for purchase at the Westchester Township Museum store, in the Brown Mansion, 700 West Porter Ave., Chesterton.



Posted 8/12/2013





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