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Help preserve local history at Chesterton Cemetery

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The Chesterton Cemetery Board of Directors invites local service groups, families and individuals to “adopt a monument” and help maintain the cemetery’s historical significance.

The first burial in the cemetery was in 1837 and many of the oldest monuments are in need of immediate care. Others are in need of restoration or refurbishing.

The cemetery board of directors recently discussed a plan to allow those interested to participate in the upkeep and preservation of the cemetery’s monuments and headstones. In many cases, there is no family member to take on such a project.

Interested individuals or groups may call 926-3091 for more information on how they can help upkeep and preserve a part of Chesterton’s past.

Stonehugger Cemetery Restoration, a firm from Nashville, Ind., has done restoration projects in historic cemeteries and is willing to assist in Chesterton, according to the cemetery board, which is made up of seven individuals who oversee the day-to-day operations.

“The cemetery has been used as the final resting place for generations of people who call Chesterton home. Good management and wise planning have added land as it became available and have maintained the cemetery grounds. A pleasant walk along the winding roads and paths can be a way to learn a little of the history of the area through the lives of those who were here before us,” according to a statement submitted by the cemetery board.


Posted 6/24/2010