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Duneland Historical Society remembers educator and principal F.M. Goldsborough

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Students of F. M. Goldsborough and people whose parents were his students were in the audience when Robert Goldsborough spoke about his grandfather at the Duneland Historical Societyís October meeting.

Ann Swanson Hokanson told of being his student (class of 1930) and later a teacher when he was principal. Others shared memories which showed what a beloved and respected teacher he was.

The Goldsborough family tree has five Roberts but only one Fay Morse. He was born in 1877 in Michigan and died while teaching a math class at Chesterton High school December 9, 1954. His grandson was a senior in high school when F.M. died.

He started teaching at age 19 and, going to school summers, earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Valparaiso University. His subjects were math, physics and chemistry. His second degree was a Bachelor of Arts also from Valparaiso University earned in 1922.

Before teaching in Chesterton he taught at Jackson Township where the school building was destroyed by a tornado. This was the second time at that location that a tornado had hit a school. F.M. told the Jackson area residents to build somewhere else next time and they did.

He married his wife Jane in 1901 and they moved to Chesterton in 1905, when the population was about 1,400. They lived on Fourth Street and had one son, Robert, father of the speaker. F.M. became principal of what was at one time called Westchester High School and is now Chesterton High School. In 1941 he returned to the classroom and taught for 13 more years. His grandson said he was replaced as principal because he did not have a Masterís degree.

The speaker gave examples of F. M.ís sense of humor, his love of sports, travel and gardening and his involvement in the community, especially the Methodist Church and Chesterton Lions Club, where he was a charter member. Robert said F. M. got his first car in the 1930s and was nicknamed Sprocket or Sprock because he rode a bicycle.

The gymnasium at Chesterton Middle School (formerly Chesterton High School) is named for him.


Posted 10/20/2015




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