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Correction to 50 Year Ago Column

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I would like to make a correction in my commentary that appeared in the Tribune on August 10, 2011.

The book that I mentioned titled “ A Nickel’s Worth” was actually written by Lillian Nickel Vetter an older sister of Miss Elsie Nickel according to Mrs. Vetter’s daughter, Gretchen Loomis of Chesterton. And Elsie Nickel passed away in April, 1993.

There also was a second book written by Mrs. Vetter titled “ A Nickel’s Worth and More” that was published in the late 1950’s.

I would also like to mention that our 1961 CHS class Valedictorian was Wilson Halley from Dune Acres. He graduated from Stanford University, served in Vietenam as an officer, and was killed shortly after arriving there.

Our class is somewhat unique in that we have had reunions every five years since we graduated in 1961, led by President Pam Tavernier Babcock and her committee. We also have had some destination trips to Reno and San Antonio celebrating our 60th and 65th birthdays.


Tom H. Smith