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Kathryn Cochran elected president of Westchester Library board

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The Westchester Public Library Board of Trustee elected its new officers during its meeting Thursday.

The board chose member Kathryn Cochran as president. She will take the reins from fellow board member Abbe Trent.

Elected vice-president was Michael Livovich, Ronde Wightman, as secretary and Nick Tilden, as treasurer.

The officers’ terms will begin on April 1 and expire on March 31, 2017.

In other actions, the board voted in favor of increasing pay to its recording minutes secretary Chris Hoover. Hoover will now receive $75 for a one-hour meeting and $15 for each additional half hour.

Hoover’s pay had been a flat rate of $60 since 2013.



Posted 3/14/2016




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