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Credit and debit card payments still in the works at WPL

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The Westchester Public Library’s plans to start accepting credit and debit cards are still being worked out, Library Director Lisa Stamm informed the Board of Trustees at its meeting last night.

Stamm reported that Horizon Bank was supposed to install Polaris credit card machines and train the library staff on their use from May 16 to May 18. Machines arrived on May 16 as planned, but they weren’t the right ones. “The machines they ordered didn’t have the correct ethernet ports,” Stamm said.

According to Stamm, though the error was corrected, and the right machines came in, allowing for training to be completed May 30, some problems with accepting payments have persisted. Stamm said Horizon and Elavon, which provides the payment processing software, are working to address the problems. “They are assuring us it will be figured out quickly,” Stamm said.

Librarian’s Report

Stamm reported that the summer reading program had a strong kick-off with 491 registrants--some of whom have already given positive feedback about the library’s offerings, which now include ukuleles and a sand sensory activity table. Stamm also noted that she has gotten positive feedback about the Science of Frankenstein program at the Baugher Center and the working Victrola that was recently donated to the history museum for its jazz age exhibit.

Stamm also reported on some facilities upgrades that were made or are needed. The hot water heater at the Hageman Branch was discovered to have an irreparable hole and needs to be replaced, as it is 15 years old. TrapMasters Plumbing will be replacing it for $750. The price includes a one-year parts and labor warranty and a six-year manufacturer warranty. Also, repairs for water valve leaks in the Baugher Center are estimated to cost $800. TrapMasters will work on those too. In addition, the Baugher Center got a new light switch for the interior lights near the adult learning center entrance and new pole lights with LED bulbs outside along Indiana Avenue. The work was done by Ellis Electric.

$10,000 of the materials budget has been transferred from the CD music line item to the audiobook line item. Stamm said the change is in response to a steady decrease in demand for CDs and a rise in demand for audiobooks.



Posted 6/15/2018




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