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Notice is hereby given that the Town of Beverly Shores Town Council will conduct a Public Hearing at 7:00 P.M. on September 19, 2011, at the Administration Building, 500 S. Broadway. The ordinance for consideration is: AMENDING TOWN’S CODE OF ORDINANCES TO AMEND SECTION 153.04 TO CLARIFY APPLICATION OF SECTION REQUIRING PERMIT TO EXCAVATE OR OTHERWISE DISTURB THE SURFACE OF ANY TOWN STREET, ALLEY, RIGHT-OF-WAY, OR EASEMENT OR TO INSTALL ANYTHING SUB-SURFACE IN SAME AND TO AMEND SECTION 10.99 TO ESTABLISH A $100 FEE FOR SUCH PERMIT.

The ordinance is on file for viewing during regular hours at the Office of the Clerk-Treasurer.

All written objections to the proposed ordinance that are filed before the Public Hearing will be considered. Oral comments concerning the ordinance will be heard at the scheduled Public Hearing which may be continued from time to time.

Town of Beverly Shores, Indiana

By: Geof Benson

President, Town Council

(August 8, 2011)