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The Town of Chesterton Maintains a sanitary sewage collection system that still includes sewers combined with stormwater. Chesterton Wastewater Treatment Plant has experienced approximately 6-10 Combined Sewage Overflows (CSO’s) per year during heavy rains or excessive snow melting. During CSO events, water quality downstream of the plant may be impaired within the east branch of the Little Calumet River, the Burns Harbor waterways and Lake Michigan beach areas along the south end of the lake.

Adverse health impacts may occur to persons entering, these waterways to wade or swim during and immediately following CSO’s. Special precautions should be taken to prevent accidental or intentional ingestion of this water. Bacterial levels will usually return to normal within 24 to 48 hours, at which time, normal recreation activities may resume. Persons interested in direct notification of CSO events by mail, and or e-mail may provide contact information through a written request submitted to:

Chesterton Utility Superintendent

300 League Lane

Porter, IN 46304

Robert Lovell

Utility Superintendent

Town of Chesterton Utility

(April 4, 2011)